Goodbye 2020 Welcome 2021, Wishes, Status & Messages!

Goodbye 2020 Welcome 2021, Wishes, Status & Messages! Through all sorrow and happiness we have passed the 2020 and are stepping 2021. Though 2020 was an unforgettable year for us, we are happy to have the New Year 2021. Many curses have gone over us in 2020. Dangerous CORONA VIRUS made our life too much risky and showed us a huge amount of death. Mighty cyclones destroyed our properties and land. As 2020 gave us many courses, we are fear of it.

But it is also a truth that this year has taught us about awareness of environmental catastrophe.  2020 is the year which completed the century of danger zone. We know that after every 100 year epidemics visit us. AMFAN a name of cyclone and we are completely informed about it which hit the coastal area of Bangladesh and India.

After all 2020 has saved us from global warming. In 2020 great Ozone damaged has been repaired. So it is clear that 2020 is not only curse for us but also blessings for us. We have bade the 2020 and 2020 has introduced us 2021.

Goodbye Bye 2020 Welcome 2021

Welcome 2021 Goodbye 2020

Forgetting our past, let’s enjoy our present. Let’s welcome the New Year 2021. We have undergone much torture of nature and fortune. Now we have come out from these problems.  We are going to welcome the New Year 2021. We will make our life fantastic and enjoyable in this year.

Many of us will have many plan to welcome this new year and most of the individual must do something in this new year to remember the year Not only the individual but also organizations make plan to observe this year. As we have passed many times through many sorrows and odds. So now we all the nation of the world will make this year enjoyable.

Many of us must throw party and many will do something important. May the 2021 bring happiness in everyone’s life and all be fantastic. We will see many ultra modern invention of Science. In the era of information science and technology there has been much advancement in this field. To tell the truth, 2021 has brought good luck for us and has made many opportunities.

As we have got a new one year again, we must make it beautiful. Having forgotten the past, we should receive the New Year. Every person should close contact to share sorrow and suffering.  They must one another. One country must assist another to overcome obstacles. As we are human beings being. We have to live in together.

So, we have to share our sorrows and suffering.  Overall all of us should say we shall overcome, we shall overcome one day. If we again fall, we will come out successful again together. Do something for the future and future generation so that the future generation can remember this year and you. Let us say to welcome the year 2021” Goodbye Bye 2020 Welcome 2021, Wishes, Status & Messages”.