Happy Chinese New Year 2024: Wishes, Images, Greetings, Status & Messages

Happy Chinese New Year 2024

Happy Chinese New Year 2024! Chinese New Year dates: The traditional Chinese New Year date is the day after the traditional New Year celebrated by the Romans – Jan. 21st to the next day, March 4th. The second New Year celebrates the beginning of spring, a time for planting and replanting, bringing forth new fruits and vegetables, and making the cold weather of winter bearable. On this day, Chinese people bestow gifts on each other and give thanks for having a long and healthy marriage. The other three Chinese New Year dates are more fertility-oriented and have very different meanings.

Chinese New Year dates for the entire family: The Chinese New Year celebrations mark the beginning of the fasting season when people will offer thanks to the gods for the blessing of spring and the abundant fruits of summer. In addition, Chinese people will start collecting herbs and plants to prepare for the upcoming winter. There is also a very important spiritual festival around this time.

On the evening of the second day of the Chinese New Year, people will start wearing new clothes and adorn them with decorations to pay homage to the deities. Chinese people will then make lanterns of numerous colors and hang them in their homes, staying away from evil spirits.

The other main feature of the Chinese New Year is the lantern festival. On the evening of the second day of the Chinese New Year (February), every family in the town must set off lanterns and set them ablaze. Once night falls, the whole town will be dark, save for the flicker of the candles, which is considered a lucky charm. On the first day of Chinese New Year (the first day of the Chinese calendar), all lights in town must be lit; no lanterns are allowed to remain burning.

It is interesting to note that the Chinese New Year and the Summer Festival mark two different occasions. The Chinese believe that the world is controlled by the gods of the twelve heavenly realms. For this reason, they look forward to the start of spring by making tributes to the gods. On the other hand, the Chinese New Year and the Autumn Festival are related to the lunar cycles.

Happy Chinese New Year 2024: My wishes

  • We are very fortunate to have a client like you and we wish that together we prosper to new heights…. Best wishes on Chinese New Year 2024
  • May you are blessed with the best of health, happiness, and success…. Wishing you a prosperous Chinese New Year 2024
  • This year has been truly special with your presence…. We wish that our association gets stronger this Chinese New Year…. Best wishes!!!
  • Sending warm Chinese New Year greetings to our valued customer…. We aspire to work harder to make it a special one for you.
  • Last year was a wonderful experience serving you and we wish that we make this year even better for you…. Happy Chinese New Year. 2024
  • On the occasion of Chinese New Year, we wish you all the success and glory…. Happiness and health….. Best wishes on Chinese New Year 2024
  • A warm and Happy Chinese New Year to our valued customers who always motivate us to perform better.
  • Wishing you a very warm and Happy Chinese New Year….. May you find an abundance of happiness and success this year. (Happy Chinese New Year 2024)

As previously mentioned, the Chinese calendar does not have a solar calendar and instead, uses the seasons to determine the day of the Chinese New Year. Chinese people will begin decorating their homes for the new year around mid-February. On that day, they will start buying presents and fruits for the new year. On the first Sunday of the new year, Chinese people will eat foods rich in symbolic meaning.

Food, as well as clothing and fabric, are important aspects of the Chinese New Year. For example, on the first Sunday of the year, people will buy silverfish as a symbol of prosperity. On the second Sunday of the new year, they will wear long skirts and buy red envelopes filled with paper money as a symbol of money abundance. On the last day of February, Chinese people will get together to celebrate the Chinese New Year and put up banners that declare peace and love.

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