Vietnamese New Year 2024 Best Greetings, Wishes, Status & Messages

Vietnamese New Year

The Thuy Tu An, otherwise known as Vietnamese New Year, is a very special festival in Vietnam. This is the festival that marks the return of life into the soil after a long year of peace and winter. It is during this time that the people will once again come together to celebrate, get together, and share food, gifts, and love. It is also the festival where the royal family, government, and all others who had been invited are welcomed back to the land.

Short for Tốt Nguay, or literally meaning ” Returning Year”, the Vietnamese New Year is the biggest celebration in Vietnamese culture. The literal translation for the name is “returning to the soil”. The colloquial word for the day is “T ốt Niu”, which means “returning to the soil”. In addition to being the biggest national celebration in Vietnam, Thuy Tu An is also the longest festival in the Vietnamese lunar calendar. Lush, green fields, beautifully decorated buildings, and festive street markets all make it one of the most well-loved festivals.

While the actual date and time of Thuy Tu An may vary from one region to another, the festivities tend to run along with a fairly consistent pattern. The most important aspect of the festival is that, as the name implies, the people return to the soil to celebrate. There are many festivities and events which take place. Firecrackers are commonly use at the beginning of the festival, as are traditional Vietnamese foods. Throughout the day, many businesses which deal with producing and selling food set up shops to promote the celebration, and many street vendors sell everything from fruit and vegetables to jewelry and crafts. Paper lanterns and other forms of decorations are also widely display.

Vietnamese New Year 2024: Greetings, Wishes, Status & Messages

  • iền vô như nước — May money flow in like water
  • Làm ăn phát tài — May your business prosper
  • Làm ăn tấn tới — Be successful at work
  • Năm mới, thắng lợi mới — New year, new triumphs
  • Năm mới dồi dào sức khỏe — I wish you a healthy new year
  • Năm mới tấn tài tấn lộc — I wish you a wealthy new year
  • Năm mới thăng quan tiến chức — I wish that you will get promote  in the new year
  • Năm mới toàn gia bình an — I wish that the new year will bring health and peace to your family

Many tourists and travelers to Vietnam and the surrounding areas keep a close watch on the happenings of Thuy Tu An, and many visit the area to partake in the events. Many hotels offer special discounts and package deals to those planning to be staying in or traveling to Vietnam during the Tet Festival.   hotels also prepare special dishes for their guests, in keeping with the theme of the celebrations. Paper lanterns and other decorations are often seen throughout the hotels, as well.

At the end of the New Year, celebrations usually continue with a large family gathering at the house of one of the elders of the tribe. This gathering is also attende by relatives and other friends who had come from far away. It is where the elders of the tribe with each other “Kung Hei” or good health, and extend their condolences to the relatives and friends of those celebrating the New Year abroad.

The actual New Year’s celebrations mark the transition of one era to another. Many Vietnamese people believe that the spirits of their ancestors still reside on the earth, waiting for their return. The tradition of enjoying New Year’s Eve across Vietnam begins a week before the New Year itself. It is a time of great joy and happiness for the Vietnamese people, and they commemorate it each and every year. Paper lanterns and colorful decorations are used extensively to mark the New Year; some people even call it “the Festival of Lights”.

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